Wednesday, January 1

Starting Another Year

Day One: Spent the day eating. Well, not all day. We met over at Sis' and had ribs, cole slaw, mashed taters, corn on the cob, and the RM's black-eyed peas (part of her traditional NYD meal). We hung out for awhile after the meal, me sitting and talking, and most of the others watching "The Grinch". Why watching it after Christmas I have no clue. Either way, I came home stuffed, eating way too much again. I am sure I will be in the reading room quite a bit over the next day or so.

Blogger is still giving me some problems with writing my posts. Still the 'compose' feature will let me title a post, but not write in the body of it. So again I am writing in the HTML version ... At least I know how to do the line break code so the paragraphs are spaced. It was driving me nuts being just one large block of words. I suppose I will play around a few minutes and check my settings if I somehow changed something by accident, though I don't believe I have done any changes.

So, day one of 2014 hasn't been too bad. Oh, and I made $50 off RM, as I lost 5% of my weight over the last year. I was 6 lbs short of the 10% which had the possibility of doubling that money to $100. I tried to give it back to RM, as a gift, saying to take themselves out, as I don't care about the money really. But she wouldn't let me. I suppose I will just save it for sometime when I can take them out to dinner or something. I know you are reading this RM, but still ...

Okay, I am out of here. Got some book stuff I want to do, maybe a video, maybe some game play time. It's back to the regular work routine tomorrow.


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