Tuesday, December 31

That Time of Year Again

Today marks the final day of the year. I sit here and try to think about what has been so great (or not) about the past 12 months, and really can't seem to recall anything that stands out. I got a job. The Daughter graduated secondary school. we all got another year older. I am sure there are other very important things I am forgetting at this moment.

 Blogger has been acting funny for me of late. When trying to write a post, if I am not in HTML style, it won't let me type. But in HTML, I can't do line breaks - or at least, I don't the script for it. Pressing "enter" just isn't working. I may have figured it out now, but it still makes it a bit of a pain in the ass.

Tonight nothing special is going on for our household. The boys are staying home today since I am off work, instead of going to the MIL's as they usually do. Maybe I will take them out to lunch ... maybe I won't. We usually don't go anywhere for this night, to avoid the drivers who may (or may not) be intoxicated. No sense in pushing one's luck. I have a few movies downloaded, so maybe there will be one we will watch tonight. Tomorrow the plan is to do lunch at Sis', as RM's tradition of ribs is so dang tasty. And coleslaw. I love me some good home made cole slaw.

Well, I suppose since my coffee cup is now empty, my things to share are, too. Hope you all bring inthe new year in a way that makes it enjoyable. I'll prolly be asleep by 11.


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