Wednesday, December 25

Christmas 2013

Merry Christmas.

Well, one would hope it is merry, I guess. I am the only one awake at this hour in my house. I woke the Wife when I woke up, and tried to clarify what the plans were for the day. All I was able to decipher was that this year, nothing is going the way it has in the past. So I get to run solo a bit today. Rather, I am choosing to run solo.

The Wife doesn't want to wake the kids until 8'ish, so I got an hour plus to kill. Then I guess we are going to RM's, then home again. Her family isn't getting together until the afternoon, which is hours after what we usually do. I may run to my Sis' instead of going to the MIL's. Haven't figured it out. Maybe I will just go to the bar.

Hope you are having a good one, even if you took the time to come by here.


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