Monday, December 16

Christmas Spirits

Wow. I just re-read what I posted last night. Gee, I couldn't tell I had a few Christmas spirits yesterday... But I have no regrets. I spent some time last night remembering some great times I have had around this time of year with friends. I always looked forward to the Christmas party Lynn & Smitty would have each year. To open their home to friends and family, and share some fun with all. I miss Smitty. While having bloody marys yesterday morning, my buddy Jan brought up how he misses Smitty, too. They would go out the week before Christmas to do their shopping together. He said it just isn't the same anymore, even though this year he is taking his granddaughter out with him.

I'm getting all depressed now thinking about it. On tho better things.

The boys are in their last week before being released for a couple weeks. The oldest one has finals this week. The Daughter is moving to a new apartment come this next weekend.

I got nothing else today.


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