Saturday, December 7

Working On The Weekend

Hello 5 am. Your friend 4 am was here earlier, like when I awoke, and couldn't get back to sleep. Even though it is not anywhere near 6 am which is what my alarm was set for, since I have to work this morning. Yeah, early Saturday working for inventory. The result of getting yesterday off. I think I might have preferred to work yesterday instead. Though, waking this early would really stink if I did not have to work ... At least today should be only until noon. Maybe.

Not much otherwise going on. The Wife celebrates her (and the MIL's birthday) on Sunday. I plan on taking them out to a dinner tonight to a restaurant of their choice. I was able to get out last weekend and pick up a few things for the Wife.

It's still a bit chilly here. I am wearing shorts today to work though. Wearing a pair of jeans the past couple of days just felt ... too weird. As long as the wind isn't blowing up the pants legs, shorts should be fine for me.

Got nothing else at this early hour. After all, it is too dark outside to see anything yet.


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