Wednesday, December 11

Snifflin' Sick

Over the past couple of weeks, the people in my office have been dropping due to a cold that is going around. Like most offices, when one person gets it, it slowly does the circuit once, sometimes twice, before fizzling out. It always takes the person a day, or two, at home to feel better to return to work. I notice most of those 1-2 days is in the middle of the week, like an extra weekend ... but I am not accusing anyone of faking it. One person I work with stated yesterday as they were leaving that they felt a cold coming on, but there was that sly look ( I thought) as if they were just saying that to take the day off. I don't know. I always looks at the negative side of things.

Speaking of colds, I do wonder if I may have a touch of it. This morning I woke with the sniffles. You know, that irritating runny nose. I feel no other symptoms though, so I think it is just my allergies. It has been a little windy the past few days, and as usual, it takes a day or two to kick my allergies into gear after windy days. I popped my pill just a few minutes ago, so will take a bit to see if that is what is going on.

Monday our company had an insurance meeting. I guess it is open enrollment time, et cetera, et cetera. I declined as the insurance through the Wife's employer is better. I am still waiting my probation review. It's only about 3 weeks late. My boss though, is one of those ones that is always on the move, and sometimes requires trips out of the shop to other shops/warehouses/etc. so half the time he isn't even there. I should probably leave him a note asking about it.


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