Friday, December 6

Baby It's Cold Outside

I know most of you probably are in colder climates than I am, being how I live in Arizona, but it is getting to be our winter weather here finally, thanks to that arctic front being pushed. It actually hit freezing temps in some of the Valley's outlying areas. I had been wearing a pull-over fleece jacket (I think Sis got it for me a Christmas ago) the past few nights while driving my route. I like to drive with the window down, no matter the temperature, as long as it isn't raining. Yesterday, I showed up at work and was greeted with the comment, "Oh man! You know it is getting chilly in the Valley when Ralph(d00d) wears long pants to work!" I guess in some ways it is good to be noticed.

With the company in the process of doing inventory this weekend, things worked out that I am off work today, but have to go in Saturday for at least the morning to help get things finished. Had a nice breakfast out this morning with Preacher Tom. The Wife has today off as well, and I mentioned to her last night it would be a good time for us to get out and get some holiday shopping done without the boys. However, there are things that have to be done today, that it may be afternoon before we get the chance to get out, and I don't how my mood will be then. I don't want to get into why my mood may be sour.

In the meantime, it's supposed to warm up to a whopping mid-50s today. At least the sun is shining!

Above is the original cut of this song from the movie NEPTUNE'S DAUGHTER ( I think it said). However, I think Dean Martin sounds better singing it. But I also like this version from GLEE.



Joe said...

d00d you will forever be on my reading list when you publish videos of my boyhood crush --Esther Williams!

That is Ricardo Monteban (Fantasy Island)singing to the lovely Ms. Williams.

I love this song in all of its forms.

Ralphd00d said...

I knew that was Esther Williams, but not that that was Ricardo Monteban! The desc. only said about Red Skelton (2nd part of the video). Glad you enjoyed one of my favorite winter songs!