Monday, December 2

Taking Rivalry A Bit Far

There is nothing better than a bit of rivalry between sports teams. It doesn't matter what sport. Being rivals helps make us want to achieve better things, to get that better award/title/payout. It is seen and used all around the world in any aspect you can think of, from siblings, to businesses, to co-workers, to sports. You see it when that guy in the freeway lane next to you speeds up when he sees you trying to switch lanes. Well, maybe not there, but sometimes it could be.

Personally, some parts of a rivalry are good. My Washington Redskins have a rivalry with the Dallas Cowboys. I have friends and other acquaintances, that are big Dallas fans (meaning Losers!) and we like to make friendly wagers on those games. Mostly it involves bragging rights until they meet again.

This past weekend had quite a few rivalries in College football going on. I saw the end of the Oregon/ OSU game. There was the Duel in the Desert here in Tempe, with AZ State going against UofA. Personally, I could care less about either school. Sis graduated from ASU, and the Daughter's fiance graduated from UofA. I have friends from both schools.

This year, that rivalry got a bit too far between a couple of my family members. Sis, and the Daughter. Social Media was used (read: Facebook). Posts were made, then deleted. Family members were unfriended. Both sides called me to ... what? Mediate? Say why their side was better? I don't know. I do know I used the word 'fuck' in probably darn near every application of meaning, let alone every other word when speaking to both the Daughter, and Sis. I think the fact I had had a few drinks probably escalated that usage. Either way, you don't call me in the middle of the day because you can't be adults and resolve it yourself.

So. Now feelings are hurt. No one is apologizing. No reparations or words of "I understand" are in the works. They are being, in my thinking, childish. I don't care if you need your "profile" to appear professional. If you are putting down a rival on said media, be prepared for someone to come back and say something. And if you do come back and say something, don't be surprised if they delete it afterwards, after all, it is their post that you posted on. Fucking let it go. Damn children.

I'm glad it is Monday. I am glad I don't have to deal with stupid shit like this on a normal basis. It would be nice if my sister, and my daughter, would grow up and act like the adults they are... but that is asking a lot. And it is not nearly close enough to Christmas. Maybe miracles will happen ... but I ain't holding my breath.

See the joy I had this weekend?


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Sis said...

I did apologize yesterday....twice.