Sunday, December 15

Another Post About The Holiday

Christmas is still a ways off. We aren't even within a week of it, and I so want it over. RM emailed a possible solution, about having us over the Sunday evening before the holiday, and do a little "Christmas together" then. Mostly due to my last post, I think she offered this. I called her, and said, in short ( and I am para-phrasing) no f-ing way! Regardless about how I feel about it, it is more for my kids, and they can do it all on that day. Okay, maybe I am not being totally clear at this moment, but, yeah, that is pretty much how it was. Stuman and Sis can take that option, but for me and mine, not a choice. If I have to spend the time to find presents, or whatever, then it is going to happen on that day, not before. No matter how easy that may be!

Yeah. Good chance I am being a bit pissy about it. I don't care. I got other things on my mind.

I spent 45 minutes giving an acquaintance a ride home tonight. Someone I have known for several years. He has recently come into some problems, and pretty much 'let himself go'. Tonight, giving him a ride home, I spoke up, and let him know what I thought about the whole thing. Then I get the whole sob story about how he has cancer, blah, blah, blah. Frankly, I am tired of cancer. I am sure those that have it, are more tired of it, moreso than I am hearing about it. I am sick of having it used as an excuse, whether they truly have it, or not.

My Dad died from cancer. I've lost close friends to it. I've got family, close and not so close, that have it, died from it, going through treatments for it, have had it go into remission (and come out again), and been completely free from it after treatment (and extensive prayer, if that works). In this day and age, it is almost like, if you don't have some form of cancer, you are not human. And if anything makes you feel bad, just say you have some form of it, and everyone should kiss your ass.

 Well, fuck that. Cancer sucks. You can't always beat it, but humanity has developed ways to detect it earlier (for some forms of), and treat it (some forms), and make it go away, or into remission. GREAT!

This acquaintance tonight, that I gave a ride home to, admitted that he has cancer. Basically, that is why he has been such a fucking ass of late. He has lost his job, quit taking care of himself, and become the "moocher" from hell. On our ride to his house tonight, I shared my opinion. Hey, I earned my title of ASSHOLE years ago. Tonight, he learned why I earned that.

 By the time we went about a mile, he was crying. And stopping in front of his home, I told him basically to get over it. Yeah, you got cancer. No, it is not debilitating at this time. Yes, you are pissing off your friends by playing that card. No, we are not going to go out of our way for you, especially when you look like shit, smell like shit, and do nothing but be a drunkard that deserves nothing. Get a damn haircut, shave a bit, though the mustache is coming in good, but look presentable.Quit looking and acting like a piece of shit.

Some people need someone to tell them this ... to show they care a bit if nothing else. It was my way of saying I care. I noticed he wasn't taking care of himself. He's not part of my "Best Friends Ever" circle, but has been around with us (friends of mine, and I) for a few years, but no one wants to say anything. Was I out of bounds? Maybe. Did he need someone to tell him that? Maybe. It is possible, that because I said all that, he may put a gun to his head and pull the trigger. That made me feel guilty ... for about 15 seconds.

I ain't God. I ain't even Morgan Freeman.

Now I wonder why I care enough to do that, when I fucking hate most of humanity.

Damn, I need a psych doc.


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