Thursday, December 26

The Week of Rest In Between

Here we are, starting the week of being In-Between holidays. Many people have a few of these days off. Some of us don't. I will be back to work today. Not that I mind it. Yesterday seemed to be a pretty good day for my family. The kids got enough stuff that made them happy, plus some new clothes to wear. I ended up at home to go to bed about 6'ish. I was just beat. We were over at the MIL's and I had the Wife drive me the half mile home so I could go to bed. The Wife had had a nap that afternoon. I guess I should have tried to take one as well. Shrug. Slept through until almost 8 this morning. Feel pretty good for catching up on that sleep. I have the funky work schedule this week, which means i will be working Saturday, just to help make sure I get my 40 hours. I also have to work Saturday night at the second job, so I can keep my 'employee status' which gives me discounted prices on food and drinks at the pub. Saving money where I can! Blogger working kind of funky this morning. I read over at RM's blog about how to had to get a post started several times before it letting her type. I had a bit of the same problem as well. Switching to HTML seemed to work, for the moment. Edit: Nope, it ain't working right. Crams everything into a paragraph. Alright, I got other things to do before work. PeacE

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