Tuesday, December 10

Hello AZ Winter

It got damn chilly last night. Enough that I almost rolled up the window while driving my route last night. Almost. To make some of you a bit more jealous, and state how much of a wuss I am, it was only down NEAR freezing, with only the outlying areas of the Valley supposedly reaching a degree or two below freezing (32 degree F). It may have been only the upper 40's when I thought of putting the window up, but then I was back in town, and didn't. What is nice, is that the news is saying it is to return to the low 70s daytime temps as of the middle of this week.

The oldest son made the school district's Honor Band this past weekend. Of course I did not hear about it, and had to schedule things around a Saturday afternoon concert, but I did make it. It may be one of the few I am able to attend this year due to my hours at work. The middle son has a concert Thursday night for their school's Christmas thingy. I won't be making that one.

Sunday was The Wife's birthday, where she finally catches back up to me in age. But she looks better. Luckily the weekend before II had a chance to get the boys out and find some gifts. Now I need to figure out what to do about Christmas for her. All the ideas I had are now used up. Beside the commercialism of the holiday (oh, that is all for another post later on) one of the things I hate most is feeling like I HAVE to get something for people, and then trying to figure out WHAT. That, and I hate shopping. Don't be surprised if everyone I have to buy gifts for, get gift cards.

Did I mention I hate shopping?


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