Friday, December 20

Wacky Days

My boss gave me a weird schedule for the next couple of weeks. With Christmas and New Year's on Wednesdays this year, he is trying to avoid me having to deal with extra traffic on the Eves. Thus, I get Tuesdays off, but he is wanting me to work on Saturdays, so I get my hours in (I'm an hourly employee). Soooo, that means I get to work the next two Saturdays, from about 10 am until I get my route done. Bonus is, I can leave a bit earlier than the "usual time" like on most weekdays. We only have a half crew that work every other Saturday (of the guys I deliver to) so it won't be a problem meeting up with most of them if I start earlier. Just sort of worried about the ones I can't meet up with. Will have to figure it out as I go along I guess. It is only for a couple weeks, but also the EOM/EOY for the company, so it is important to get the paperwork back to the shop in a good timely manner.

Needless to say, we had a mandatory meeting at 7am this morning. I usually don't go into work until about 11'ish, but I had to be at this meeting. So was there early and no sense in driving 30 miles back to the house to sit for an hour or so, and go back again. I went out to Denny's for breakfast (one is fairly close to the shop), read for a bit, and fueled up the truck, before returning to work at 10:30. From there, I did get through traffic a bit better tonight. I am guessing many people have taken next week off (for those that can) and traffic was light for a Friday. I am hoping to have better time tomorrow, too, with even less traffic. Thankfully I don't drive near any major shopping malls.

The Wife is in Tucson tonight, helping the Daughter move stuff. I guess they did smaller stuff and boxes today. Tomorrow they have a couple pick-up trucks to move the bigger stuff. At least it is only a 1-bedroom, and not a ton of crap ... like if we were to move from our house.

Oh well, I am tired and am crashing now. May be a few days until I am back.


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