Thursday, December 12

Awww, Man

I am pretty sure I have stated before about how fairly easy my job (for me). How often is it that someone ends up in a job where they have it easy and they like their job?

That being said, I screwed up last night. I accidently left a part with a different tech than the one it was to go to. The problem with that, is that I did not know which tech, and didn't realize it until near the end of my route. Turns out that it was left at the one before that stop, and they were working on meeting up to exchange. But I messed up, and it bothered me all night. Sure, an easy little mess-up, but it ruined my evening and I am pretty sure it caused me to sleep as bad as I did, since I was worrying about it.

So I am relieved that the problem is getting resolved. Maybe I should get a nap before work. I don't know.


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Rev Mom said...

I know that feeling! I can do something or not do something - or say something really stupid - and it will come haunt me in the middle of the night, causing me to go to work early to fix whatever it is.