Wednesday, April 16

Useless Trivia

This morning (this is Monday, so this is a canned post) I had some time to kill before the dreaded hour to leave for work. Seeing how my usual haunts had been perused, and nothing of any importance (if ever) was going on Facebook, I started just entering random sites that found their way to the forefront of my mind. One site, was which belongs to the local news talk radio here in the Valley, a station I listen to quite a bit during my route. Through their site, I found this little article ( )which has a short video included about the "Bliss" picture that is the background for Windows XP.

I took the about 9 minutes to watch the video. It was somewhat interesting, even if I am not a photography nut. I didn't realize the location of the picture, but recall hearing/reading somewhere that it had been a true photo, and not a photo-shopped or drawn picture. The videographer of this video also went to the location, after the interview with the photographer, and it was interesting to see the site today, versus the picture, which was taken about 1996.

Now that all being said, and I have this information now in my head, what did I lose? Sometimes I worry about things like that. The Wife has said numerous times that the loss of important information I could retain, is an astounding amount, considering the amount of useless, pointless trivial matters I can spout at any given moment, in any location, about whatever I just happen to see, or think about.

I know. Scary, right?


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Joe said...

That was interesting!