Thursday, April 10

Intriguing Post Title

Forecasters are predicting that the temperature today will reach the 99 degree mark. Earlier this week, we hit the first 90+ degree day for the year. There is speculation about how many days of 100+ we will have this summer, as well as how miserable the heat will be over the next few months. I, in particular, am not a fan of any day with the temps over 90. In the warehouse, I end up sweating quite a bit due to there not being any good air circulation, and definitely no cooling (evap or air conditioning). On the bad days, we have a small fan we set up near the doorway to help, but there is only so much it can do. Mostly give you a slight breeze in the main aisle. Yesterday I noticed how drenched my shirt started getting. Maybe I should bring a change each day, for when I finish in there and another for when I start my route.

Nothing more exciting than the weather today. Pollen counts are up, my sinuses are running non-stop one day, and dry, to the point of bleeding, the next. Allergy pills don't seem to do anything but make me spend money buying more of them, hoping that at some point, there is a difference I will notice. Even the news radio this morning had nothing I had not heard since yesterday.

Well, guess that is all I got for today. I am off to wonder if I should have chili before heading to work. It could lead to an interesting, though smelly, ride for the afternoon.


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