Monday, January 14

Hard Nipples

It is freaking cold here in AZ. This morning, while running the oldest son to school, the temp read 28 degrees. That's like 15-20 degrees cooler than it should be for AZ this time of year. Today's high is supposed to be 48. Fro many of you, I am sure this would be considered VERY warm weather. I mentioned to a friend yesterday that I must have had my blood thinned since I moved out here in 1986, but he corrected me. He said I just notice the cold more, as in most places that have the cold weather, it is more of a gradual change in temps, and therefore you acclimate as they go lower. Here, it has just been so fast, there was no time to get used to the lower temps over a period of time. Sounds good to me, but I still want it warmer. The "Weather Forecasters" say by Friday it is to be back closer to the upper 60's by Friday.

Nothing of major importance has been going on. Kids are settled back into their school routine. I've been doing quite a bit of reading.Nothing really so great to recommend, but getting through books that have been sitting on my computer for some time. Concentrating more on the Lee Child 'Jack Reacher' series of late. I am up to starting book #8, and am enjoying it a little. It reminds me of the 'Mack Bolan' by Don Pendleton, and makes for easy entertainment reading. The oldest son has been quite busy reading on the Kindle he got for Christmas, too. I am loading up some more books for him this morning that I think he may like.

Think that is all I got for today. I need to go do some blog reading...


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