Wednesday, January 30

Sometimes, I Surprise Myself

Okay, I admit I did it. I got up early (when I didn't need to) and went to the gym. I feel better about doing it, though I probably didn't work out "as hard" as I had on Monday. I found several muscle sets that were still a bit disgruntled from the previous workout.

I found out the Wife has today off. She does a lot of student training (think: interns) in the PT field, and seems to almost constantly have a student in training at work. Her current student is on her last week, and next week she starts a new one for another 10 weeks. She had talked it over with her boss (and friend) and they decided she should have a day off before starting another 10 weeks with a student that affords no breaks. I usually enjoy days like this when she has them off, and the boys are all in school. It gives us a moment to catch up between her and I. No, I am not talking about sex. Well, maybe sometimes.....

Anyways, so today she has off, but I know she wants to get some shopping for some certain things done and I don't do shopping. It's okay. Today is pool league night, and I usually head out in the afternoon to the pub. I get a couple hours or so in reading before the friends start showing up.

For now though, I need a shower. I got back from the gym just a bit ago, and I need to wash this stink off of me.

Oh, did I forget to mention I am down 5 pounds from last week.


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