Tuesday, March 10

Bees-ness is Terrible

There is a bee hive under the back corner of our shed in the back yard. I admit, it has been there longer than it should have been. I don't go in the back much, so for me it is a lot of "out of sight out of mind". The kids have been stung a couple times. That didn't bother me much either, as I think, who hasn't been stung by a bee growing up? That's my farmboy mentality I guess. That, and growing up in Indiana. Though, the oldest boy is pretty allergic to the stings, we found out.

Anyways, the thought about the bees always left my mind, and over time I forget about them. Last Thursday I came home to the Wife in a fit, as she had found a city notice on the door about the feral bee hive in the back yard. They gave us 24 hours to fix the problem or we were going to fined, etc. So I found a "bee guy" and called him early Friday morning. He showed up, we discussed what needed to be done, and the pricing. I paid, mainly because I had no choice. He explained that there would be a some residual foragers bees that would come back to the area, looking for the hive, but then would leave. That night, there was a volleyball-sized swarm on a grapevine, 20 yards from teh where the hive was, plus an seeming extremely large amount of bees flying where the entrance to the hive used to be.

By Saturday morning, it was not any smaller (the swarm) so the Wife called the guy back. He said it was odd to be that many, but they would get a guy out there sometime that afternoon. That evening, no one had been by, and the swarm was still the same size. The Wife has pictures.

Sunday I had plans, so by 7 that evening, I had asked about if anyone had shown up? No. So I called the guy. I explained everything going on, and their lack of getting anyone there. I mentioned the concern about our kids and pets, let alone of those next door, and other neighbors. The girl I talked to, I think it is his girlfriend/wife, said they would be by about 10 in the morning to take care of it. I leave for work before that, so I never saw anyone. Last night, the Wife said it is just as big still, and doesn't look like anyone did anything.

I went to the website I found this company on. I sent a feedback, explaining in brief all the above, and that I needed someone to contact me this morning after 7 am. Almost 9, and no call. I guess I am going to have to call the main number and see what can be done.

Definitely never referring business to this company, and never will use them again.


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