Tuesday, March 24

Not Quite Back To Normal

Yesterday, the kids returned to school. The Wife returned to work. I was hoping a bit of my sanity would return, but it has extended its vacation I guess. The Daughter and Fiance returned to Safford last night. They are moving from there to housing provided by the mining company this next weekend I guess. The Wife is going down to help move them. I guess his mom is driving a Uhaul down from the Valley, and with the Wife going, and able to bring her back, it will save on the mileage used (not a return trip). Of course, that means it leaves me at home with the boys Friday through Monday. The oldest Son is doing a Disneyland trip with the school band, so leaves Thursday, returns Sunday. Guess I need to figure out what to do with the two younger ones for meals, etc.

Not even 8:30 yet, and work has called. Seems some parts I pulled for a tech yesterday are not able to be found. It happens occasionally, but this time I remember pulling them. It's possible I put them in the wrong spot, and thinking about it, I think I may have accidently done that. Checking with another tech that might have them. I hate when I screw up like this. It's easy to do though, when you have 20 guys, and the work seems to be a bit busier right now, it can get a bit hectic. I admit it, I screw up some here and there.

Soooo ... nothing much else to talk about.


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