Wednesday, March 18

Feeling A Little Jealous

Here it is Wednesday already, and I am just feeling wiped. I think a bit of burn-out from work has hit, and I can't seem to get out of the funk I have been feeling lately. I know a few days off would be good, but with the scheduling, right now it isn't feasible for me to take a couple days off (intentionally, like for a small vacation). Besides, I only get seven days this year, and three are allocated to the Daughter's wedding time.

The Wife has a great job, being a physical therapist. She gets four weeks of vacation time. Also, when any of that time is used, she starts accruing the time back through some kind of PTO. At least, that is the way I understand it all. With kids on Spring Break this week, she had decided to take a couple days off to be with them. Now it has turned into all week. Seems their census (number of patients) is low, so her boss told her she could just take the week off. Must be nice.

Now I have to go to work early. The middle son Finally brought his instrument to me and showed me the problems with it. Since the company that supplies them for school kids is in Mesa, near my work, I just got volunteered to address the problem. Half the week over and NOW they bring this problem to me. Something else to be pissed off about this morning. There goes my extra hour plus of not having to be rushing off early.


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