Sunday, February 22

Sunday Morning Bumming Around

Plans for today are mostly made up of doing pretty much nothing. When I say nothing, I mean, no plans to go anywhere, or have a specific thing that needs to be done. As of this moment, I will probably end up playing some games on the computer, or in the bedroom reading/napping. I was pretty wiped out Friday night, and yesterday I had several things that needed to get done. Thus I declare today a relax day.

Even though I decided to relax today, I have already today met up with a friend and given him the scrap metal, etc from my work truck (old appliance parts, etc). Yesterday the youngest son and I unboxed it all, and had it ready for quick unloading to day, so it only took about 10 minutes for the middle son and I to transfer to my friend's truck. Stopped for breakfast and sodas from the Quik Trip, and back home, changed into my bum clothes.

Monday will be another long day for me. I know I won't have time in the morning to write anything ... not that I write every day anymore. At least I know this Thursday will be a short work day for me, as the boss doesn't want me to deliver the routes. however, I have to be up early for a breakfast meeting on Friday. It has to do with the truck stock the techs carry, and I have to be there in my truck to transport the return of it all. At least I get overtime.


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