Wednesday, April 29

A Little Bad News with the Good ....

So much for my one day during the week to sleep in. Usually Wednesdays are the one day I don't have to get up earlier than usual to run the oldest Son to school. Today, that was still true, but the middle Son had an early dental check-up, and I got drafted into taking him.

Which brings us to the post title for today. As I was standing there whilst the Dentist did his quick look to be sure no cavities (the hygenist actually does the cleaning) he made an observation. I thought it was a bit odd, and obviously I have no dental/medical knowledge, but he said, "Yep. He has the Del bicuspid issue." I wasn't sure if I heard him correctly. Did he name some weird symptom/disease/problem, or comparing something to my Wife (Del is the short version of her name).

While I mentally fumbled for a moment, I realized what he meant. One of the bicuspids has started to grow out from the gum at an angle. In short, he is going to need braces. Another genetic default from both of us parents.... bad teeth. The oldest Son still needs to get his started, including a tooth to be removed before he can start the braces, and now this one as well. I will make the presumption that the youngest will need, as well, so I might as well just start sending the doctor that does the braces his annual vacation checks..... sigh.

Just when you think you are getting things financially settled ....

I seem to have lots of things that need to get done here in a very short time (not talking about dental issues now) but do not have the time to get it all done. Most of it is running around picking this up there, or that there. Many stores are not open prior to me heading into work, and definitely not when I get home from work. Guess that means Saturday will be a long day for me.

Enough of my whining for now....


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