Monday, April 20

When Events Collide

The past few days have been somewhat stress-filled at our house. Of course the Daughter's wedding is coming up (under three weeks now I believe), and that has caused enough other problems. But now another issue has risen. The oldest Son has the Jr/Sr prom that same night ... as the wedding.

I don't know who to blame for this extravagant error in planning said events both on the same day, but I do know that anger levels have been exceeded as of late.

Friday, I got a text message from the Daughter, about how it is my fault about allowing the Son to go to Prom, when he committed to the wedding and she has to have him there for some function of the wedding. For some reason, the Daughter has been going through some weird swearing phase, for way too long, and so it included some choice word usages. I called her back, and first told her to not start on me for something I obviously have no clue about. So I heard her tearful, and explicative filled version of some text conversation she has been having with the oldest Son.

Seems last Sunday night, while out to dinner, was the first I had heard that the Son had asked a girl to the prom. In my recollection, it was the first he even had said he wanted to go to prom. I also found out it was the same night as the wedding. I casually mentioned that it shouldn't be a problem. Of course, I was told the wedding was an afternoon/early evening event.

Being how it is my Life, and it never goes smoothly, turns out the wedding was changed to more of an evening affair, and of course, prom is like a 45+ minute drive, across the Valley. As parents of the Bride, I think it would be bad taste for one, or both, of us to leave the reception to take the Son to prom, so I said he would have to find a ride that we trust to take him from the wedding, to prom, and we would pick him up after the prom. If no ride could be found, he would not go to prom.

The Wife, I have no clue how/why she did this, but somehow ended up with a co-worker willing to drive the Son. At that point, I am just, figure out what you need to get the Daughter to compromise and get it all done. The compromise is something to do with dinner. It is tentatively scheduled to start about 7, with the toasts and all following ( I think - the way they keep changing things, I have no idea). Supposedly, one of his jobs as groomsman is to help pour/distribute the champagne.

I agree, he should give up the prom for the wedding. He is only a Junior, and there is always next year. But The Wife insists it is a big social event and he should be able to attend. Now I have two siblings fighting, a Wife, who is sided with the Son, and everyone yelling at me to fix it. I'm about ready to say no to prom, no to the wedding, and then move by myself to Alaska.

Last night we think we finally got it all settled. I told the Wife to contact the Daughter and explain the Son will need to leave shortly after/during the dinner. No other compromise. He will be there for his part in the ceremony, pictures, and up to the dinner. I have not heard any responses as of yet, but I expect the Wife to be back home shortly from running the other boys to school, etc, and will see if she has heard back.

Makes me wonder why we had kids ... oh, the procreation part was fun.


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