Wednesday, April 8

Blank Thoughts

This morning, like most, I am sitting here, trying to find something to write about. I have scanned some of the major headlines for the local area. I have read through my Facebook feed. I have even glanced through my emails. Yet, nothing interesting, or that I feel like commenting on, is found. Most mornings I don't have/take the time to go through so many sources for ideas, but, I have been lacking int he writing department lately.

Going on nine years since I first started writing (here at Blogspot) and still I have no major purpose for it. Most of my drivel is rants about what the family members, or work, have done to tick me off. No deeply involved, philosophical rants about science versus religion, or the size of the hole in the ozone layer. No pointing fingers at you, the reader, for excessive whatever you do that is excessive.

Posted quite a few boob pics though.

I remember reading on several blogs, about staying dedicated and writing "something" each day. Does putting the sentence " I have nothing for you today" count towards that? I don't know. I do know, the many times I have pretty much done just that, I spent some time trying to find some topic to motivate me, before just giving up and writing that line. Maybe that is the problem ... I have no motivation.I know I have requirements, that make me get things done, like going to work so I can pay bills, etc.

Finding what motivates me. I think I shall work on that one. My first thought, though, is ... I hope it doesn't turn out to be illegal. And the second thought, or messy.

I'm off to see if I can find motivation. If you find it, use it up.


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