Wednesday, April 3

Having Second Breakfast

If any of you have seen "The Fellowship of the Ring" there is a bit of humor in it, where the hobbits are reprimanded for starting a fire, in which they were cooking second supper. There were also a couple other spots where comedy was made about second lunches, third teas, etc. This morning I am having Second Breakfast. Well, maybe it is more breakfast seconds. I don't know. But it is the leftovers I took home from breakfast with PT yesterday. He had ordered a Mexican skillet, and it was loaded, so he shared some if it with me, and there was still some to take home after he was finished. I had my regular there, the Nicholson (spelling?) which a hash brown stuffed omelet with a bunch of other good stuff in there. I can't remember all that goes into it, but it is huge and good. There was about a third of that to eat this morning as well as a piece of toast.

That being shared, and now you are salivating, it is hump day, and I have nothing major on the agenda. Figured I may get up to Wallyworld today to put in an application. Then maybe shoot over to Kmart. I applied online Monday with Walgreens. It's getting to be a bitch trying to find a job.

Then when I come home, I suppose I shall play World of Warcraft, to try to fight the urge to go drinking. We'll have to see how that works out.


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