Monday, April 15

Take What I Can Get

Yesterday was one heck of a day. As usual, I attended the Church of Holy Beer and Softball, as it was time to start our tournament to end up the season. Originally, it had been delayed a week, as the City of Phoenix was to irrigate the fields where we play. however, for whatever reason, that was changed to next week, and we were told we were playing. Which meant part of our team was not going to be there. Once they had found out we were not playing, some had other plans to be gone. Which meant we were short a few players.

Normally, this is not a huge issue, as we are allowed to recruit 'pick-up' players as long as we have seven original team members. Granted, we lose a couple runs if we pick up more than one, but sometimes it is worth it. For tournament though, no pick-up players are allowed. This time around was different. Due to the short notice change of date, we were allowed to use them. But, they could not be from another team supposedly. This meant, I had to play.

I don't mind playing as a rule. I have lost enough weight, and am more able to play than I was a year ago. And I have filled in as needed over the past couple seasons, usually for an inning or two. Yesterday I ended up playing two whole games, in a position I don't normally play. Needless to say, I was not the best third baseman our team has ever had, but I did contribute a couple outs. Plus my batting skills have not deteriorated as I feared they might have. Now, base running ... I had to have some help there, using a courtesy runner if I made base.

After my last at bat, where I had hit a simple bloop into right field, and made first, I was walking in front of the stands on the first base side (we were playing on the other side). One of the teams tat had played the game before ours were sitting there, and I heard someone comment, "I never seen a fat fucker run so fast in my life!" It was not yelled out, more like someone just commenting to another person. I kept walking back to the side were on.

I know there was a hidden compliment in there....


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