Tuesday, April 9

Nothing Like A River Pouring Down the Throat

The wind decided to visit Arizona yesterday. Normally, that isn't a bad thing. A nice little breeze when it is 110+ in the summer is always nice, and with the weather in the 90's right now, it makes it feel like a very nice spring. However, it was gusting up to 50+ mph yesterday, which does not bode well for those of us with allergies. By noon, there was a brown cloud over Phoenix, and I couldn't even seen the mountain that is a mile from our house.

I knew what was coming. Past experience had taught me that I was going to be blowing my nose like crazy, and sneezing. Let's not leave out the itchy, watery eyes, too. But I was surprised. Even int the evening, none of that had happened. I had hoped staying indoors with windows shut would prevent it, and it seemed to have worked. Some showers came about in the evening and through the night, so I hoped that it would clear the dust and other crap in the air.

This morning, I have a river pouring down my throat from my sinuses, and my eyes are watering. No sneezing (yet - crossing fingers). But that tickling from the drainage is already bothering me, by making me cough quite a bit. My abs are sore from the crunches I did yesterday to top of my inconveniences. Woe is me.

Either way I need to get out in the world today to hopefully stop at a few places and do applications. I figured I should wait until I a more respectable hour,say 9-10, before I start.

What a fun day. Yee. Haw.


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