Tuesday, April 30

Reasons For My Crying

The Heat has finally shown itself here in Arizona. The other day we hit 100 for the first time this year, and it won't cool off back to 90's for a day or two yet. At least it has happened later this year than last year. I am still not looking forward to those hot summer days.

Having replaced out bed this last weekend, I have been fairly miserable the past few days. I think it was all the dust bunnies and kin that are doing it. My allergies have been acting up, and have had a sinus headache off and on for the past 2 days. The itchy, watery eyes make it a pain to read or concentrate on anything for any length of time. Sleeping is great, as I seem to clear up somewhat when I do sleep, but upon awakening, within 15 minutes it is all back again.

Ran my van through emissions yesterday, and completed the online registration for it to cover the next two years. For once, I admit it is nice having an older vehicle as the pricing for the registration goes down more each time. This year it was under $90 for the two year registration.

The Reverend Mother is doing a mini vacation to Indiana and leaves tomorrow. This coming weekend she will be participating in the mini marathon that takes place in Indianapolis each year. She and Preacher Tom went last year, and completed it. This year she is going alone (from here) and doing the marathon with my Aunt Nina. The past several months RM has been working on being in shape for the event, and I think she will do fine.

Last week when I did my weigh-in, I was down to the lowest weight I have been in years. I was only two pounds off from the goal I set last year, even if it is nearly 4 months late. With my allergies acting up, I have not made it into the gym yet this week. Mainly because I don't think they want to see someone blowing their nose constantly while using the equipment. Either way I will need to get in tomorrow for my weekly weight. So today will be a light eating day. I have been trying to go a couple days at a time with a strict eating routine, then have a day or two where I sort of eat regular. It seems to be working, but will know for sure once I weigh in.

Still looking for work. I have been trying to follow up on the online applications I have put in, but each time I get referred to a corporate HR department, and never have been able to get in touch with a live person. Part of the problem with such large companies I guess. A couple of other opportunities have been filled, so have scratched them off my list. My buddy don is checking with his company for a position that sounds like a good chance of me getting. I will check with him after bit to see if he has heard anything new about them opening up the position so I can apply.

And to top off the morning, I just received a text message asking "Cole u comin to school" quickly followed by a second text saying "nevermind". I looked up the number on Google, and it says it is in the Midvale, UT area, based on area code and prefix. I know someone that lives up in SLC, but don't think she ever had my number. Tried to think of some snappy comeback to text back, followed with a 'Have a good day anyways' but nothing came to mind, and the moment has probably passed now.

Edit: My mystery text this morning contacted me again, about 3-4 hours later, with the inquiry, "It's Anna u in pe". Naturally I assumed this was meant for "Cole" as was the earlier text. However, I thought I would say something back, though nothing came immediately to mind that would be witty. Instead I said, simply, "Anna, I think you wanted to text Cole, not me. But since you asked, I am not in P.E. Instead I am enjoying myself, partaking an adult beverage in a rather seedy establishment." Actually I was on the bed reading a book, but it's the thought. Within about 20 minutes, she replied back, twice, with the message of "who r u". By then I was bored of the whole deciphering of the grammar, and figured anything I said would be beyond their understanding, and just ignored the texts. nothing has come in since then, though, I secretly hope they screw up a text again soon. But then again, I don't need to be texting some high school aged female either. That would not be good appearances.


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