Friday, November 21

Better Off Dead

Dead asleep that is. After getting most of this week off from Zero Hour, the oldest Son is back to the early morning band thing. I was pretty sure that once the marching season was over, they went about a half hour later in the mornings, but as of this one, he hasn't heard of any time changes. Needless to say, after running him to the school, I logged onto the computer, and sat here staring at e screen for the past few minutes. A topic to write about? I couldn't think of one, and my mind kept going blank, or returning to the thought that I am tired, and could use a couple more hours sleep.

It is Friday, and like most, I am feeling worn down from work. The weekend is a good time to rest up some of these sore muscles, and relax the cerebral muscles as well. I am sure I will be pretty lazy and not do much. Thanksgiving is coming up and I am sure I need the downtime now to be ready for then.

There went another five minutes of staring off into space. Maybe I should go lay back down for a couple hours ....


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