Monday, November 10

Promises of Change

Before you even start into reading further, this is NOT a post about Obama, his campaign promises, or anything else that might have been uttered from his mouth.

Saturday was the Celebration of Life for my friend don, and it was a good turnout. There were quite a few people there I had not expected to see, and more than we actually did expect. It is nice to know he made an impact in so many people's lives.

That being said, I also got pretty drunk. I remember saying, mostly to myself, that I was only going to have beer - no Jack Daniels, or other shots. I did pretty good, too, then somehow I ended up with a shot glass in my hand, from where I have no clue. Thankfully, it was well after anyone had spoke, and most of the shin-dig was "winding down", I see on my phone I texted the Wife around 6:30, and she came and got me. I'm pretty sure I didn't embarrass anyone, including myself.

Yesterday was a day of recovery, and my proverbial saying of "Ugh, I am not ever drinking again."

In other words, I stayed home, and just mellowed out for the day. I guess at some point on Saturday I had fallen, as my knees are just aching, and one has a nice scrape on it. This morning they are still hurting, so will be a great day for work (feel that sarcasm?). I have another friend that had flown into town this weekend, mostly for NASCAR, and she will be here most of the week. I suppose I will have to have a night out for a few beers with her at some point. Luckily, my work hours will make it later, and her from the east coast the time lag may affect how much we hang out.

Veteran's Day is tomorrow. Kids are out of school. I have to work. Joy.


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