Monday, November 17

Another Weekend Shot Down

I am tired. Not sleepy-tired, just worn-out tired.

Saturday, the oldest Son had State Championships for Marching Band. They were to go first at 9am, so his call time was like 7am at the school. Thankfully, the venue was on the west side this time, and we were able to rush grabbing some breakfast from McD's and get there in time for their performance. Then it was sitting on concrete bleachers for three hours until the awards. After the shat, we had to rush home to drop the two younger boys off, then head to the wedding reception for my brother was having that afternoon. I really saw no reason to go, as they were legally married in May, then did the whole "wedding show" last weekend in Sedona, and now a reception this week. But the Wife said I needed to go because it was family. The Wife had a headache come on from the loud music there, and spent most of the time out in the foyer area. I sat there most of the time, talking with a few others I knew, and family. Thankfully, I did not have to work at the pub that night, and we just stayed home afterwards.

Sunday morning I had to run out and dump much of the accumulated trash in my work truck. I was to meet someone, as he wanted to take the metal stuff for scrap, but I guess I was early, though I thought I was late, and missed him. I did fill up a whole dumpster with trash though. Then it was home to change into my Redskins gear and head to the pub for the game. Was hoping to meet up with a couple friends there, but they weren't able to make it. I felt a little lost without my buddy Don there. So, the Redskins played a horrible game, and instead of staying (and drinking) to watch the Lions-Cardinals game, I stopped by the store on the way home, picked up some needed things, and went home.

Our internet connection at home has been a problem. Been with Qwest/Centurylink for several years now, and at different times, the internet connectivity will go out sporadically, for hours at a time. It had been worse seemingly over the past week, so I called the tech line. After two hours on the phone, there was nothing they could seem to figure out, so told me that the modem must be bad, and I would need to replace it, as the one I purchased through them years ago, the warranty had expired (go figure). I got the specifications of what I would need to be sure I bought the right kind, and headed to Best Buy, but only because the tech said they have the type I need. I asked for sales help, as I wanted to be sure I got the right kind, and it turns out there is only one brand there they carry, that was this VDSL type I needed. Guess what, it was branded Centurylink. But I did find out that they seem to be the only ones that use a VDSL type, versus the ADSL type, and the only difference between the two, is something to do with the wiring configurations in how data is transferred. So, $100 later, I had a newer modem. We went to Denny's for dinner, then home so I could hook up the new modem.

Guess what? Didn't fix the problem. As of this morning, even while typing this post, the modem has lost connection several times. It seems to be holding steady at present, so I should probably close this post and save it before it goes again.


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Rev Mom said...

We also have century link and although it doesn't go out for hours - it does drop numerous times throughout the day. This morning (I'm working from home) it totally dropped me for about ten minutes before I could get back on and sign back into the company receiver. Every night I go through it dropping and locking me up. It's a pain, for sure!