Monday, June 24

Planning Out The Week

Welcome to yet another Monday. I guess that it is good you are here, since it would imply you are alive. Sometimes, I wonder how I manage that - being alive that is. Or just staying alive.

I am sitting here this morning, working on planning out the week. The Daughter left last night with the middle son, and will be gone for the week. The youngest son is wanting to do the 'Science Camp' that church puts on for summer activities. It is only three days from like 10-2. The oldest son does not have anything that needs to be scheduled - as far as I am aware. The Wife and I just have our regular things (if any).

I ended up not going to the book signing yesterday. Yes I was a bit disappointed, but other factors weighed in heavily. Between the cost of gas for the distance that would have to be driven, the time to do it, heat, etc. I opted to not do it. The ebook will be available tomorrow for about $8, and that is cheaper than the $15 deal, plus gas, food, etc that would have been spent. The only negative of it, is that I don't have another signed book.

Feeling sort of tired today. Haven't been able to classify it as a sleepy or mental tiredness. Feel like laying back down, but I know I have gotten plenty of sleep the past day or so. Hope it goes away soon.


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