Tuesday, June 4

Feeling Like a Fatty

I have been pretty lazy of late. I think I have been to the gym maybe twice in the past week or so, and I feel like it this morning. I feel fat. I mean, I know physically I am still fat, though slowly improving. But I just feel fat. My plan is to return to the gym this morning, and force myself back into going at least three mornings a week, if not four. I know I could use it. That being said, I am not weighing in today, instead, saving it for tomorrow so I feel I HAVE to go to the gym to do it. The mind games I play with myself.

Still working out my tax problem. As I was going through them yesterday, trying to make sure I had all paperwork needed in front of me, and making sure the figures were right (the Wife does the taxes), I came to a point that I realized I was missing some credit worksheet. I had to wait for her to get home to find out it was part of the online instructions that had the worksheet (to determine if you you can claim the credit). So now I know where to look, I will be back to that at some point today. The funny part is, the letter from the IRS said that no answer to the adjustment after 60 days, would result that they felt we agree, and they would issue the check. However, in yesterday's mail, we received our Federal refund, which was a higher amount than what they said we are actually due, but yet still lower than what our figure was to be. Confusing. Either way, I told the Wife we are depositing that check, and I will work on the problem to pursue the remaining amount due us.

Preacher Tom called me late yesterday afternoon, asking if I had some time this morning to come by his place. Seems he wants to speak to me, and Sis, about something. I called Sis last night, to see if she had any idea what it was to be about, and she did not. She thought it might be a health issue, but I know PT is pretty healthy, even at his age. I texted him last night asking if he would give me an idea, as I was beginning to worry a bit. I hate being asked to a talk, having no idea what it is to be about. I do not think it is fair to do that to a person. PT's response was that it was nothing to worry about. It is 'something personal he wants to share with me'. Yeah, so now I am worried. I didn't sleep good last night. The last time we went through this a few years back, it was him talking about how he felt (at that time) that he had wronged us with how he raised us back in our school days. (Face in hands) I don't need another one of *them* talks. Guess I will just suck it up and be there when I need to be though. Wonder how Stuman got out of it - must be because he couldn't get off work. Speaking of, why didn't we just plan this for the evening? I have no clue....

Last night the Wife and I got out for a short date. The boys had Vacation Bible School, and so we were able to get out to Outback for dinner. That rib-eye steak was soooo good! The meal came up for free, as we had a coupon for a free appetizer, plus a gift card that covered out meal and tip. It was nice to do that.

Guess I should get off here and get some other stuff done before heading to the gym, errands and meeting with PT.


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