Saturday, June 8

Good Morning (or Good Night?)

It's Saturday, and I just recently got home from work. Another slow night playing security at the pub, but hey ... it's a few dollars more in my pocket than me spending it out drinking there.

Nothing exciting to share. It has been somewhat slow the past three weekends. Of course, in this industry, it can go either way for holiday weekends (Memorial Day) and Fridays/Saturdays that are the end/first of the month (last weekend). I thought it seemed busier tonight, but in truth, the financial figures showed it to be slower. I look at it in the good light that there were no incidences where we had to call the police, or they just happened to show up. Last week, I actually got compliments about turning some people away (due to appearing inebriated already, or just no ID/under age). I figure, I got the power to stop them entering, why would I let them in? I don't want them there if I am drinking as a customer, why would anyone else?

It's 4am so I plan on just staying up a few more hours. My buddy Don, who also works there most nights I do, and I are meeting up at 6am for a couple drinks. I have been craving a Bloody Mary for a few days now. After getting home, I realized the church is doing a Market on the Move (like a Farmers Market, except $10 gets you quite a bit) in the morning, and I am sure the Wife planned on going. Usually I watch the younger boys, and the oldest goes with her to carry stuff. Maybe I can have her drop them off at MIL's since she goes there afterwards anyways to share the "haul". I hit RM up tonight for the possibility of pickles. Another friend of mine had purchased a case of pints of her bread & butter pickles around Christmastime, and tonight asked me if/when she does more, to let him know. I know RM does help at the church to distribute for the MoM, and usually ends up taking home some of the extras, which at times can be quite a bit of cukes. Maybe if she charges enough, she'll make enough extra to give me a quart or two. I know how to make them, I just don't care to do so. Mom's always taste better anyways.

So I still have a good hour plus to kill before I head to have my drink (or two or seven). Think I will cur up with my Kindle for a bit.


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