Saturday, June 22

Is Killing Time Killing Me?

Today's post title reminded me of this video:

Though it truly did not have the same meaning as the way I meant it. It's about 5 in the morning, and I have been home from work a good couple of hours, and sleep is just eluding me. Everyone else is crashed out, and here I am, trying to bore myself to sleep. I figured if I did a blog post, that would work, since it seems to work for everyone else reading my ... stuff.

So, with the other book things I mentioned yesterday, UPS also dropped off a package that turned out to be another book. It was one I had signed up for on a giveaway, and had no idea they were shipping it.  Yet another new work to read and review.

I think this morning I am going to head up to the pub and have a couple Bloody Marys, then come back home and hopefully crash for a few hours. Work comes around again this evening, and I hope it won't be as slow as this past night was. For some reason, the owner thinks a Country/Western band, playing C&W from the 70's, is going to draw in a large crowd of younger folks. No, they brought in about 30 of there own people, who ordered like 1 drink and then had water the rest of the 4 hours they played. We keep trying to tell him that they need more upbeat, contemporary bands for Friday and Saturday nights. Maybe some day he will listen.

Still have like 40 minutes to kill until the pub opens. Gotta go find something to do.


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