Sunday, June 23

To Go, or Not To Go ...

I have a bit of a quandary. This evening is Kevin Hearne's (the author) pre-release signing for book six of his Iron Druid Chronicles, which I have been speaking of quite a bit of late. I want to go pretty bad, but am starting to have second thoughts. The drive to where it is being held (across the Valley from where I am) is about a good 45-60 minutes via freeway. It is like 108 degrees out, and I do not have air conditioning in my van. That being said, I don't want to drive my vehicle to the event. I also don't want to necessarily use the Wife's van (which has A/C) and leave her mine (which she doesn't care to drive) for emergency use. Also, the Daughter is leaving around 7pm and taking the middle son for the week back to Tuscon, so don't want to miss seeing them off. the signing starts at 5pm. In theory, leave at 4, get book, signed, return home, puts me back before 7pm. But it is a long drive. I also sort of don't want to go by myself. I am going to speak with the Wife and see if we can't just make a trip for dinner out of it, I think.

So, I need to go figure this out.


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