Monday, November 25

Dude, Like What's Up?

Monday has come again and at least I am not dreading it. This particular Monday starts a 4-day work week, with Thursday being Turkey Day. Though, in some ways I am sure that it will be a harder working day than the others this week. You know how it is when having to deal with family at times. To try to not say the wrong somethings to certain ones, and how not to do this that makes these others mad, and trying to relax and be yourself. It can be very tiring for me, so I usually just give up. If a person isn't supposed to know something, don't tell me. Not that I gab out secrets, it's just easier if I don't have to worry about saying the wrong thing. Not saying it has ever happened at our family events (eye roll).

Nothing exciting or special going on at present. Another day is happening. It rained most of the weekend, but is expected to clear up today, warming back up a bit this week. I actually broke out my light jacket this weekend, as it was cool enough.

I suppose we should start Christmas shopping soon, though I usually don't do too much of it. I tried in past years, but the Wife never has specific items to get, and I am not the type to just see a gift and think 'That is so much like so-n-so would love"! Well, a few things I can do that for, but not many. At least I am working this year, and hopefully we will have enough to be able to make Christmas a little nicer than last year for the kids.

The Daughter's Fiance was to have some sort of job interview yesterday, but I haven't heard how it went. Hopefully it went well enough he will hear some positive news soon.

Guess that is all I got going on for now.


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