Wednesday, November 6

Dragging My Ass

I am hauling junk in my trunk today. I just can't seem to get motivated to do anything, or care about anything. I was dragging so much, I slept in until 9:30 this morning. A rarity for me.

So we managed the other night to trim back our tree a bit, in order for the truck to fit on the side drive. A bit more was taken off last night, and there are just a couple spots that need a touch more for tonight. Now I just hope no one parks across the street from that drive, as I need all the room I can get to pull it out without taking out part of the wrought-iron fencing between us and the Redneck neighbors. Speaking of Rednecks, I am feeling pretty sure it was no them that called the police. Monday night, they came out and offered to trim their tree (which is overhanging our drive) to help make the truck fit in better. I bit my tongue and did not tell them that they should do it anyways as it is hanging over the fence line ... but I was good, and said sure. I am still waiting for them to trim it back.

Short post today. Seems I am dragging ass here, too.


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