Monday, October 28

Taking Recovery Time

I feel like I need a day off to just recover from doing things this weekend. Friday night I ended up getting asked to work at the pub, as the  cook was sick, and the guy working the door that night was also a cook (second job). So I ended up working almost 14 hours straight. To top that off, there was a sewage back up at the pub, that ended up coming up through the floor, and all bathrooms were backing up. Made for a stinky night. It was fixed and all cleaned up the next day. Seems some kids had unscrewed the vent caps and filled them with rocks. What a mess.

Saturday, the Wife and I were able to get out without the kids, and attend a birthday/Halloween party with some friends. It was over in Chandler, so was a bit of a drive, but had a wonderful time, then drove past where I work to show the Wife where it was located. We ended up stopping at Dennys where she had some dessert, and I ate supper. Sort of a mini-date, which was nice.

Sunday was spent in my usual fashion: softball followed by the football game. Too bad my 'Skins didn't do well against the Broncos. Tried to end up the night watching WORLD WAR Z, but I fell asleep during the movie, rousing at the end, and retired to bed.

Headed out to breakfast with PT here in a few. Other than that, it's back to work.


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