Wednesday, October 16

There Was A Time ....

I think I have come to accept that I am getting older, and having not taken the best care of my body these past many years, that there will be signs of the body's disapproval. The past several weeks at the new job has made me more do more physical work than I have in ... well, about 15 years approximately. A couple weeks ago, my feet were hurting pretty bad at the end of the day. I the cause down to the shoes I was wearing, a pair of sneakers that I had worn for my workouts at the gym. I thought, well, they are a good year or more old, maybe not up to 8 hours of being on them all day. So the other weekend I went out and ended up with a pair of hiking shoes. I chose them as they had good arch support, and thought they would be more durable for being on my feet most of the day.

Now, my ankles and knees hurt. Take away the foot pain, and the next 'squeaky wheel' comes along. I am sure the ankles and knees hurt just from all the work  put them through, especially considering the weight I was at for years, and I am no skinny little guy now even. I am hoping the use of some ibuprofen will help alleviate most of the pain. I say pain, but I should clarify and say more like an ache, or just sore. It is not debilitating, just sore and achey. Can't think of better words.

In other news, THE LAST DARK by Stephen R. Donaldson was released yesterday, and I got my copy. For those of you that don't know, this is the fourth book of The Last Chronicles of Thomas Covenant, which is the third series of Thomas Covenant that Donaldson has written. I remember picking up LORD FOUL'S BANE almost 25 years ago, that started my journey in this series. It is sad in a way that it has to end. I am sure I will be reading it soon.

This morning's madness leaves me with nothing else for you today. Still trying to wipe clean the dream I awoke to this morning.  Maybe I can get s a short story idea out of it. Not to ruin details, but it involved me, some other guy that was supposed to be a best friend (though I didn't know him) and a moving truck, with us in it, that had flipped while we were driving it. The dream gets really erratic after that. Where my mind gets this stuff sometimes ....


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