Tuesday, October 15

Sending My Baby Away

This morning it is a low 54 degrees (in an outlying town of the Valley called Buckeye) so it is about 58 where I live. I had the brief thought that it is almost time to start wearing jeans, rather than shorts, not only when I take the son to school, but maybe for work as well. Then I dismissed the idea. There is no way I want to wear jeans any longer than I need to, and quite frankly, with the temps to be in the mid 80's all week, I am not wearing jeans. I'll put up with a slight chill before I put them jeans on. Though, I may need to get out a light jacket ... just to be prepared. And maybe be sure I have a couple pairs of jeans that still fit.

I'll be driving a little further than normal this morning on my commute to work. I spoke to my boss yesterday, mentioning that we need to get the truck I drive back into the shop. The coolant sensor is not working properly (still) plus she needs an oil change. I am not happy about having to send her away. I am getting quite used to the truck (a 16-foot box truck, diesel) and with her being in the shop, I'll be using the standard vehicle the company has: an extended panel van. People just don't get out of my way like they do when I am driving the truck. Plus, I don't sit as high, and I really lose storage space. I just hope over the next couple days I don't have an unusually large number of doors/tubs to deliver to the techs.

So the Government is still shut down. Yeah. Enough said there.

Halloween is in 16 days. Thrill. I know many places are doing their parties the previous weekend (the 26th or something like that) which is cool, since I will be working Halloween night. I know the church the Wife goes to is doing the regular Harvest Festival thing, where they give out candies to the kids, and have games, etc going on. The safe environment thing. I actually like that idea. The kids usually go to that. On Halloween we will drive the kids around to some of the local churches that do the Trunk Treats thing in the parking lots of their respective churches. It seems to be becoming more of the normal thing for us for this holiday.

Speaking of holidays, that means the next one is one of my favorites. Who doesn't like to eat turkey, mashed potatoes, giblet gravy, stuffing, etc. all afternoon, and for the next week? If you said you don't care for it, you might as well just quit reading here. I can never get enough. It is truly a holiday that I can just enjoy for a week, meaning the week after, if there are enough leftovers that is. I know the Reverend Mother has posted recently about holidays, family gatherings, and needing (for her) to "let go" more, for us siblings to be able to do/make holiday pans with our own families (or those of spouses) rather than be centered on just Our general family. I honestly don't know what we will do over the next three family holidays. I like to do T-Day with my family (meaning RM, and the other siblings plus their families) but I don't know. Usually we do it at Sis' as her husband doesn't like to go to RM's for holidays. Personally, I think it is the control of the TV remote he doesn't get to have ... well, that and a few other things. But that is my opinion, and since too many family people read here, I am not going to share.

There's the holiday after that one, too. I don't want to think about that one yet though. It's just too damn expensive.


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Rev Mom said...

you made me laugh. Actually I think grandpa can not handle all the grandchildren in our small area all the same time (for Thanksgiving - Christmas is a different issue). I was also talking more about Christmas -you know I love to cook our Thanksgiving dinner - and we always have a lot of leftovers. Which reminds me - I better start looking for the turkey!!