Tuesday, October 22

Getting Busy

Sometimes it just fees like there is too much 'stuff' going on. I'm am starting to feel that way. The sad part is that there doesn't really seem to be much. Maybe it is because I am constantly going over things in my head, and repeating them that it seems like a lot.

The Daughter is coming into town this weekend. Mostly because it is Homecoming for her High School, the same the oldest son attends. There is a dance Saturday night he wants to go to. Also on Saturday is a "fair" the church puts on, mainly for kids to sort of trick or treat in a safe environment, that  am sure the two younger boys want to attend. The Wife and I have a birthday party to go to, that is also that night, so the Daughter is going to have to do running of the kids for us. Will she have her car? Will she need to use my van? What about supper?

Also the MIL is still in the hospital. From what I was able to understand from the Wife, she has some enlarged discs in her back that they say they will not operate on. Something about the surgery being too extensive (maybe due to her age?) or something. The cardiologist had them do a stress test, but the results were not back as of last night. The Wife made it home to catch up on sleep, but will be returning this morning again. Another day off work for her, but no one else in her family will step up and help at this time. Of course, the closest lives about 30 minutes north of us, and the next closest is about 2 hours (average) north of the Valley. The Wife has kept them in the loop of what is going on, but no one has offered to come down and help, or just sit with her so the Wife can get other things done. I guess because the MIL is not dying, they won't be coming.

Already took one boy to school this morning, and I suppose I will be taking the other two here shortly. Which reminds me I need to change my contact number with the schools to my new cell number. I suppose they will not let me do that by phone. I don't know.

See it doesn't seem like much. But in amongst all that rumbling around in my head, I have the other issues: bills, how much is in the bank, did I get that one thing done at work that needed to be done, what roads are closed that are going to affect my route, what if the MIL gets worse, Christmas is coming - presents, other holidays and what are plans are, and the list goes on. I know there is a ton of stuff going through the mind, and it just is getting to the point where, for now, it is starting to feel overwhelming. I am sure if I got a few hours to sit down and relax without interruptions, I would feel better, and have a better perspective and idea of how to get things handles, plus putting what needs to be worried about in their proper places. I guess that meditative time is sort of like Reverend Mother's 'time with God' she does each day. Well, sort of similar.

Okay, I am off of here. Got to get the boys up and ready for school....


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