Tuesday, October 8

Living Vicariously

Yesterday was a long day. The company had completed inventory over the weekend, but the busy part is here over the next few days. We had our parts company hold our orders (and we placed orders every day) for the past 4-5 days, so we would have to inventory those parts as well, intending to add them as fresh inventory now. Yesterday alone, the estimate was about 750 parts came in, and that was just one company, for a portion of our parts on hold. Needless to say, the boss had asked me to come to work early, so I ended up putting in a 12-hour day, counting the route last night. Afterwards, I had to do an errand to Wal-Mart, and stopped by my brother's.

My brother, Stuman, is blessed. I really mean it. He is blessed with having bad things happen to him, or at least that involve him to large degrees. I am sure somewhere in the past nearly seven years, I have posted some of his unfortunate events. Needless to say, I went by his place to visit a bit last night, to catch up on his current drama. Sometimes, it is more fun than a TV show. Sunday night we had invited Rev. Mother and Preacher Tom out to dinner, and they had dropped a couple things about goings-ons with Stuman. It's not my place to really share them, as I am not sure he would appreciate me airing out some issues. I did mention to him last night that I live a fucked-up life vicariously through him. He was a bit intoxicated (well, more than a bit) so he just nodded his head. I am not sure he understood what I was saying, but probably took it as a compliment. It wasn't really meant as one. But he won't change.

One of my buddies tells me every so often, that he lives vicariously through me. Usually it is while we are having a few brews, and the talk turns to the wives. He is always shocked that the Wife lets me do somethings with no strings attached, or no complaints, whereas he claims to have to go through bloody hell just to get to do something. I always laugh when he says it though. I think I have a pretty simple life. Would be nice to be able to do more things, to go more places, et cetera, and I know we could, by making myself commit to a goal, or whatever. But you can tell how lackadaisical I am.

Well, today I am on my regular schedule for work. Will be the rest of the week as far as I know. Maybe more time to write tomorrow, if I can figure out a topic, or something.


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