Friday, October 11

Another Week Finished

It is Friday again, and nothing new is going on. The Government is still closed. Everyone is still blaming everyone else. Soldiers aren't getting paid, and Nat'l parks are not open. Luckily, I am still working, and getting a paycheck. That's the best news I have for you today.

This week wraps up my first month and a half with this company. I am looking forward to my 3-month probation period to end, to see if (and how much) they give me a raise in pay. The past 2-3 weeks have been stressful at times due to the whole inventory situation going on. At first I was doing more work than the job description explained, and now (or this week anyways) much of that has been given to a new position they created. Makes it a bit easier for me, in the way that I am not time constrained as much as before. I am not feeling as rushed in completing the first part of my day (gathering the parts orders). All in all, it is getting worked out to a better solution, slowly but surely.

With the rains we had yesterday morning, it has brought the temps down in the Valley. Supposed to be back up to a high of 79 today ( via the radio) but this morning it was cool enough to make me wonder if I should wear jeans instead of shorts to work. Plus last night, I wondered if I should bring along a light jacket, for the later evening (after nightfall) when it cools down in the outlying areas that I am in. I opted for shorts today, and no jacket. The truck has a heater if I get cool.


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