Thursday, October 24

A Bit Empty

Thursday has now come around, and I feel like I have nothing much to say. The MIL is home form the hospital, which is good. Things have pretty much returned to normal, for us, around here. My free time of late has been filled up with reading, though nothing so fantastic I need to share it here.

It seems I haven't heard much about the Government since it has resumed. Of course, the radio in my truck is out again (it's got to be a fuse) and I have not taken the time to fix it. Since I don't read the paper, or other sources of news, I guess maybe I just haven't heard anything. The only politics I have seen, and quickly skimmed over, then discarded, were on Facebook, and that is all just boring as shit anyways.

So, you know my weekend plans already. Guess I can just end this today.


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