Friday, June 27

A BS Post

It is near 1 am.

Yes. I have been to the pub.

Yes. I imbibed, for laymen, I had a few. Some stronger than Coors Light.

Being up there, I knew my house would be empty. The Wife was off the next couple of days, the Daughter came up from Tucson, they went back, with the oldest son, to help with the move. After work tomorrow, I get to drive the Wife''s van down, get the Uhaul truck Saturday morn, and ...  they better be ready. Patience in that way is not one of my virtues.

Do I have a virtue?

Probably not.

This is the first out of four children. I literally, am going to have some sort of brain mess-up. No matter how many books I read.

Alone, and looking for the easy death.


Morning Edit: Damn ... I did have a few last night ...

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