Sunday, June 1

Killing Time

Sundays I am usually about 5 Bloody Marys in, and getting ready for a beer about this time of morning. Today though, I decided I didn't want to wake early and head to the pub to hang out with the buddies. One of my buddies is out of town, wrapping up a week-long vacation (so to speak) and is expected back I think today. So who knows, maybe I will be going out for a beer or two later this evening.

Bought the tickets for the oldest son and I to attend Comicon next Saturday. The Daughter and future SIL will be going with us. The three of them (no way I was going to do so) are planning on dressing up as characters from Avatar: the last airbender - though I have no clue as to who is being what, or how they look.

Shorter work week as I have Friday off work. Thursday I have to do extra though. Then Friday I am taking the oldest son to the Dept. of Motor Vehicles to take his permit test (the written one). So, the city may not be safe by that afternoon.

The Wife has the boys and is church right now. The oldest is helping out with Vacation Bible School this next week, while the other two are attending. He has practice each afternoon on Sundays. He also has the first week of band camp this week, as they prepare for the upcoming marching season. At least they are only half days (I think).

Well, I managed to kill about 20 minutes. Guess I will go read now.


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