Friday, May 30

Friday, Thankfully!

Today brings on the last day of the work week for me. It sure has not felt like a 4-day work week, but somehow I managed to get through it all again, without too much hurting. I have 20 million idea going through my head of things that need to get done this weekend, but I know most of them will get pushed to the wayside. I am notorious for doing that. One thing I am looking forward to, is Saturday night's date night with the Wife. I picked a place for dinner that I have never been to, so it shall be interesting. Other than dinner out, (minus the kids) I have no idea what we will do. I figure just play it by ear.

Thew boys are out of school officially now, and already it has begun. With the newer computer we bought, I was able to load a couple more games onto it, that the previous computer processor could not play. The two older boys (16 & 11) have been on almost every night playing one of the new games until I get home from work at least. Last night, the middle son asks about the Wife and I leaving the three of them at home, under the supervision of the oldest, instead of taking them to grandma's house. I took the safe answer, and said Mom & I will discuss it when you guys aren't around, but for Friday, you are going to grandma's for sure.

I know the boys want to stay home, so they can play on the computer (all day) and with the three of them aged 16, 11, 8, it wouldn't be hard for the 16 year old to watch the others. They all know how to "create you own adventure" (usually Ramen Noodles). Is it time to finally let go, and let them stay home alone? How bad will the fighting be to be the one to play on Dad's new computer? Will they pass my levels on the new games, and leave me in the dust? Yeah, that though crossed through my mind. Petty, but true.

I figure this will be one conversation the Wife and I will be having out on Saturday night.


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