Monday, May 26

Let's Play Catch-Up

It has been a tiring week. I haven't taken the time to post much of anything, mainly due to being pretty worn out. Though this is the company's slow period for repairs, meaning fewer parts to be pulled/delivered, I still end my day feeling worn out. I believe it may be partly due to the fact we are hitting the hotter portion of summer now. Many 100+ degree temperature days are on the calendar for the next 3+months, I am sure. Also we get to throw in some outrageous humidity, with high temps, flash floods, and assholes that don't know how to drive in rain in our upcoming monsoon season. Oh, the joys of things to look forward to coming.

It is the end of Memorial Day weekend. I guess my side of the family all got together at Sis', though, originally I was told there were other plans going on, and it would not be like the past family get-togethers. Due to that, the Wife and I made other plans for things we knew that we wanted to do/get done. The Daughter was up from Tucson over most of the weekend, and we did a family dinner last night. Today things were accomplished around the house that we had sort of blown off the past few weeks. It was a productive time, and we were all together. Pizza and a movie ended the evening, though I think the boys didn't really care for "OCCULUS". Wasn't really scary, for me.

Tomorrow it is back to work, and I am ready for it. At least it is only four days until next weekend. Then the week after I am off on Friday, so another four days work week. Then July 4th is only a month away.

Catch ya later on.


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