Wednesday, May 14

The Great Thumb Rebellion

I am beginning to think Ripley needs to come around and take a look at my hands, in particular, my thumbs. Back at the beginning of the year, I did something to the thumb on my right hand. I am guessing that I had grabbed a box at work one-handed, and it was heavier than expected, and my grip wasn't great, and that
I inadvertently put strain on the thumb joint at the base of the thumb. At least, that is where it hurt from the most. Over the next few months (yes, months) I had limited range of motion, little strength, and giving motion to bend it at the knuckle would make it sort of "pop" like slipping the joint. Did I mention it hurt, too. After a few short weeks, my elbow began to ache a bit, probably from compensation of avoiding certain motions with the thumb/hand. About 3-4 weeks ago, the Wife found a thumb immobilizer brace, and I started wearing it at night/weekends to see if it would get better in a quicker time period. It did. As of this morning, it is nearly back to normal, I think. Most of the range of motion I had is back, little pain, no "popping". If I put a bit of pressure near the inside of the base of the thumb, I feel like it is bruised, but otherwise fine.

On Sunday morning, I had put new mud flaps on my work truck. No big deal, four bolts/nuts for each side. It is a box truck, so sitting on the ground, the flaps were easily accessible without having to crawl way under the truck or anything. A couple of the bolts were a bit tight, and I was using just two wrenches. Yesterday, I noticed the thumb on my left hand ached a bit, at the base of the thumb. I thought, how? Did I maybe bruise it with that small wrench when loosening a couple of those tighter bolts? That was what I had assumed. I had not offhand been grabbing boxes like I think I injured the other hand. But this morning, as I sat up in bed, stretching, etc, that thumb popped, and it hurt a little. Instantly I was like, no way. But yes. Moving it around this morning it is similar to what happened to the other thumb. That bruising feel, when pressure is applied, is at the base of the thumb. So my guess is I bruised the tendons/ligaments at the base of the thumb. On both hands, at different times. At least I have the thumb immobilizer already. It has been put on this morning until I leave for work.

What are the odds... just as one heals the other gets it? Sigh.


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